Our New VP

I have to confess that I watched the Vice-Presidential debates a week ago with some anxiety. Senator Kamala Harris was pretty much unknown to me. I had watched her accept the nomination but that didn’t tell me what I needed to know. Could she be President if it came to that? I was almost afraid to find out.

Kamala Harris runs on the heels of Shirley Chisholm and Hilary Clinton. Both amazing women. Will she be the one who will win and finally, finally, we will have a woman in the President’s office? Well, Vice-President for now. it is well beyond time! I have watched for this moment that has been waiting in the wings for a long time. And I tried to do my share to bring it about.

I applaud Vice-President Biden for choosing her as a running mate.

Now I want to give a huge shout out to the Senator and celebrate her candidacy. She aced the debate. She is competent, cool yet passionate, loyal yet independent, and experience ready. Plus she has a great smile. And, oh yes, she is smart and politically savvy. Our current Vice-President, Mike Pence talked too much and didn’t say much. He was really deadpan. But at least, he was polite.

I can’t wait for sanity to return to office. I am fed up with scary real, un-reality TV. Please vote your conscience. I am praying.

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