Miranda, My Angel


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Synopsis: In this book, The Rev. Patricia Budd Kepler celebrates the life of Miranda, the dog she and her husband shared in retirement. As she writes poignantly about Miranda’s last days and death, she tells stories about Miranda’s sixteen years of life and her profound influence in their lives. Ms. Kepler’s grieving Miranda’s loss provides the counterpoint to her gratitude for the life the two shared. Miranda was her angel dog. The life lessons she learns from Miranda lead to fresh reflections about God. Patricia Kepler invites readers to connect with the lives and deaths of their own pets, and with the love people share with them. This book is about love and connection, the mystery of death, and the wonder of ever-more life.

Life Lessons From My Dog

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Synopsis: One fall day, I found myself in the car holding on to a squirmy, very adorable puppy. We were taking her home. From the moment we picked her up, she became my mentor, teaching me life lessons without ever trying. She loved the world and all of us. She became a wonderful traveler, and over time, she became socialized. She taught me patience, got me through some rough times, showed me how to be playful, and strengthened me spiritually. I began to record some of our experiences together. Those reflections became this book. The book ends with her first birthday and our celebration of Dog who opened insights to God.

Work After Patriarchy: A Pastoral Perspective

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Synopsis: Traditional ways of dividing work by gender are disappearing and new ways of ordering our lives are emerging. Today, women and men engage in various forms of work in the course of a lifetime: work for pay, housework, family care-taking work, volunteer work. Our expansion of work roles holds great promise for our personal development, the well-being of families, and the health of society. We can weave together all forms of work, with determination and imagination, as we open doors for future generations. Our attitudes, values, and world views are changing along with our working patterns. Old ideal images, now limiting and harmful, are losing their power. Opportunities for theological reformation emerge based on a new understanding of human nature, just love, and the order of society. We live in an accelerating time of great change and great consequence. This is a book for such a time.

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Button Reflections on Liberation Movements that Shaped History


By Patricia Budd Kepler
This is a book of buttons from a revolutionary, dramatic period of accelerated social change, the last half of the Twentieth Century. Interspersed with movements and causes are chapters about ordinary life in motion. The author takes us on a journey toward human rights, justice, and peace, connecting past and present as they move into the future. The book takes us from a small town in Pennsylvania, to Boston, to the Middle East. Reflections are written from the faith perspective of a Presbyterian minister deeply engaged in and influenced by ecumenical and interfaith ties. For those who lived through this period, this book will bring back memories. For those too young to remember, this book will give you insight into your past. For both young and old, Kepler’s writing urges us to recognize the life and work of all those who believed in human rights and just peace as we design the future. She also invites us to celebrate just plain life in all of its variety and wonder.
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FORMAT: Softcover