The Non-Presidential 2020 Debate

This blog will be short. I am embarrassed, dismayed, distressed and concerned with Donald Trump’s uncivil and irrational, and rude performance at the Presidential debate last night. I can’t believe that man is our President. The press asks, “Who won the debate?” There was no debate.

Surely sane Trump supporters are worried about his mental; health. He was like a rabid attack dog, attacking Biden, attacking the interviewer, ignoring the American people except for the white supremacists he would not denounce. From citing Biden’s grades in college to attacking his son, the whole experience was a lesson in how not to behave in civil discourse, especially as President.

This is not a partisan statement, it is a humane one. It is very painful to see a man lose it in front of millions of viewers. There is no excuse. His “handlers” should share in the blame. The Pastoral side of me is very concerned for him. The problem is that he is in a position to do so much damage to our democracy and our people in these extremely difficult times.

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