A Little Transcendence Goes a Long Way

I am looking at my dog sleeping on the sofa and preparing for her to soon wake up and ask to go outside .She is young and needs to move and have something interesting to do.

My husband and I need to get out too. The difference is that we can get ourselves out. Our dog is dependent on us. This got me thinking of ways in which I am dependent. At the moment, I am fortunate to be able to meet my daily needs on my own. Of course there are many other ways in which I am dependent. The one that occurs to me at the moment is that I can’t escape the political or viral climate that we are living in.

There is no point in my shouting, get me out of here! Actually, I want to stay. I Just need some respite like I want for my dog. A break from the heaviness and craziness of the times.

It comes to me that, bound as I am to time and space in this world, I am related to One who is not, the mysterious, present, transcendent Spirit of God. A little feeling of transcendence would go a long way now. That is the truly big picture that can lift me out of being overwhelmed by the here and now. That realm where the Holy is, is more permanent than dreaming, exercising, meditating, or a trip to the store. Valuable as those things are, I need the Ancient of Days today.

Dependence on transcendence at this point in time will open a door to keeping me sane and balanced, give me a much needed overview. There is more to life than the eye can see or the evening news report.

Of course, I am not giving up on justice and peace in this world. The Holy is right here with us in that pursuit even as it is transcendent Other. I just need to know that powers beyond my own, beyond any of our own, are here beside us , part of us, and yes, beyond us.

My dog doesn’t seem to mind her dogness or dependence. She lets me know when she needs something. I can learn from her. I can accept my humanness. And I am letting the Divine know that right now, I need some depth of perspective. A break now and then to make living life in challenging times, doable.

OF course, I am eating ice cream once in awhile to soothe myself too.

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