God is Many

I don’t usually share posts in poetic form, but that may change. Here is one of my latest reflections.

God is Many.

Sitting in the silence of the sanctuary,

I try to feel God’s presence

I focus on the cross

That is trying to center my attention.

All I feel is emptiness

And then it happens,

The room is filled with energy

Light of an invisible kind

A holy presence

And there are many Spirits

Filling the room and my heart.

God is Many.

Of course.

God is nothing we know

And everything we know

All colors and no colors

All nationalities and none

Gendered and ungendered

Human and Divine

Christ is,

God is,

And Spirits are

The Trinity and more.

God is everywhere and here

God is trillions of stars

And one lit Christ candle

God is in the air

And in every breath we take

God is Love

And every love that fills the room.

God is Many

God is More

Always More

And yet

Always near, by our side.

God is filling the room

The One dancing in my heart!

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