The Day After Easter

The Day after Easter April 2, 2018


April fool a day late,

It is snowing!

The weather is out of control.

Yesterday, Easter day, was beautiful

A very precious time with Jim and family

Our special time in church together

Randy with us all sitting in a row.

Our dear connections with other family,

Love in the air.

The dinner dishes are finally done

Sunday already a memory as flakes fall

And begin to cover the ground.

We roll with the weather,

Cold again outside,

Hearts still warm inside.

The dog has returned to hibernation

But new life is out of the bag

Even if nature is playing tricks.

It is not a setback

Just a laugh out loud.

Winter will not prevail.

Spring is coming one way or another

Might as well put on my boots

And enjoy this last hurrah

Of a short freeze that will not last.

I have experienced Easter

And it is real!

The birds know it too

They are singing in the snow

And so am I.





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