Thank You,  African  Americans

I want to thank black Americans for saving American democracy and moral compass once again. All eyes have been on Georgia during both the Presidential election and the election of Senators from Georgia. The majority of Americans were ready to finally overthrow Trumpism and protect our nation from authoritarianism. The black vote was key to victory, the black voters and voters of all shades who stood with them.

Black Africans were among the first to set foot on the shores of the United States. Though they were slaves, their culture, their worldview, their religion, has helped form, enrich, and define American culture.

Black lives matter more than we have acknowledged. Out of the struggle for freedom from slavery and racism has come a call for liberation that extends to all. Out of the struggle for Civil Rights has come a call for justice as a human value and right without which we cannot live. And out of suffering has come an ethic that understands the cost of tyranny and the beauty of democracy.

In the presidential election of 2020-2021, we have witnessed how much black live matter in the political arena. Thank you! Because of you all lives matter more.

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