Red Sox Cont.

Okay, in my last blog I said that all we had to do was wait until next year when we would recover from the Red Sox’ terrible 2011 season. Its not that simple, it seems, in Red Sox land.  First we have to get through the post-losing trauma. Terry Francona is taking the fall for this season’s abysmal ending and is moving on. How can I love the Red Sox without him?  He belongs in Boston.  His leaving, whether of his own free will or at the owners’ behest, somehow takes the charm of baseball away(at least for now)  and turns it into a hard cold business. Which of course it is. But Francona seemed to humanize it and we needed that.

Well, maybe leaving is best for him. As he said, these last eight years have really aged him.  And given him some health problems too. Of course, we can’t really see behind the scenes. From where I sit it doesn’t look good.

There was talk, even before the Red Sox’ last game, that if they lost, Francona would be gone. (It’s only in theory that we love losers. Get a taste of the penant and after that, nothing else will do.)  Of course, Francona is not the one who was on the field when the Sox blew the season.  Is this a “buck stops here” scenario?

There have not been many times when a sports figure has captured the big bold headlines on the first page of the Boston Globe with several accompanying stories. Right there is evidence of how important Francona has been in Boston as he led our home team to two Series victories.  I hope he got a good severance package and that maybe he really had had enough. Red Sox Nation is reeling and waiting.

Frankly, my love for the Sox has cooled a little. I expect to get over my miff.  But the Front Office has a few things to prove to me before next season.  It is about winning, but it isn’t all about winning.  They should figure out that out in their next hire for Manager.

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