Miranda My Angel My new book!

Miranda, our dear dog, died in September of 2018.  My feelings were so intense and my connection to her so deep, that I began to write about her life and death, and her aging. I have written a book about her first year, “Life Lessons from my Dog,” and my reflections began to turn into a book about the rest of her life, her aging and death, and the bond between us that taught me new lessons about love and God. It became evident that as I was writing about her, I was also writing about myself, for we have aged together.

Of course, she is gone, and I am still here, still typing away.  But me turn will come as it did for here and as it does for all of us. And I am passing on what I learned from her.

So while this book is about a dog, it is about us humans too. It is about our poodle, Miranda, for sure and primarily. As I write though, I discover that through her I have come upon a clearer u8nderstanding of what I value as a human being. I understand goodness and connection better. I come to terms with the pain of loss and grief, and survive because of all the living and loving that makes loss so profound.

I have called Miranda my angel, and if you read the book, I think you’ll see why. Its hard to explain why in a sentence or two. Suffice it to say that she was a gift from the Divine through as one of nature’s blessed creatures.

I jwant to celebrate the completion of my new book, “Miranda my Angel,” as I say a prayer of deepest gratitude for the life she shared with us and all she opened our eyes to. Maybe if you read it, you will catch a glimpse of your own life in it.


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